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Colour trends 2014 (UK)

Colour trends 2014 (UK) – The top trend colour for 2014 perfectly combines the natural harmony of green with the tranquillity of blue. Reflecting the overriding trend of unlocking, tthe colour for this year is ‘Teal’ which has a gentle character and is a favourite in the world of design. Deeper and more sophisticated than turquoise, teal has a subdued …

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Yellowing paintwork…..

Yellowing  paintwork in particular solvent based trim paints is often seen but little understood: Yellowing of paintwork has been a problem with this type of paint, almost since it was invented. Primarily, it  is caused by oxidation of solvent based coatings (reaction to air) due to the way this type of paint cures. This can be exacerbated by heat from radiators, …

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