Exterior Decorating by Harmony

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Exterior Decorating by Harmony

Exterior Decorating by Harmony Decorating

Fresh Looks & Weather Protection

A very successful element of our business.

Good preparation and attention to detail during exterior decorating has caught the eye of many new customers as they passed by the houses we are working on. We have done multiple houses in the same street. Time and the British weather can soon make the outer appearance of your home or office become faded and tatty.

Harmony Decorating is one of the most reputable painting and decorating companies in the North West. We offer a professional and reliable decorating service to both private and commercial customers.

Harmony Decorating can also arrange for scaffolding where necessary. We also are licensed Powered Access / Cherrypicker Operatives which can save you money where scaffolding is costly or difficult to erect.

We have successfully completed many household and commercial projects, operating of ladders scaffolding and powered access platforms (cherry pickers).

Whatever your specification we can offer advice and tailor a program of works to suit.


For your woodwork needs we recommend a Bedec exterior Barn Paint, Dulux Weathershield system or Johnstones  Stormshield system. All are flexible coating systems designed to cope with varying weather extremes. There are also non paint options, such as opaque woodstaines – Sadolin Supadec being one, Sikkens Cetol being another very good product. These types of woodstain erode away over time maintaining a good surface appearance.

For any of the above products good sound preparation is still the key to the perfect finish.


For painted masonry we recommend Dulux Weathershield  or Sandtex, or Johnstones Stormshield – Sandtex products are a very good product as is the Johnstones Stormshield range, but we have found that the Dulux products have the edge.

Whichever brand is used as always it is preparation that is the key to a good and long lasting finish. Masonry surfaces should be washed with an anti-fungal solution and left for 24 hours prior to any paint being applied. Render should be checked to ensure it is sound and any repairs made allowed to dry before paint is applied. Cracks should be raked out and filled with an appropriate exterior filler such as MUREX or TOUPRELITH F by Toupret – our favourites. Once preparedlways apply 2 coats of a recommended masonry paint for a long lasting finish.

Exterior Ironwork – Railings, Handrails and Balconies.

We have had plenty of experience with painting ironwork. We like the Dulux Metalshield System. All surfaces need cleaning, sanding and flaking paint and rust sanded back to metal. We use Dulux Metalshield Zinc Phosphate primer on all bare metal, followed by a coat of undercoat and 2 topcoats. Again preparation and proven branded paint systems well applied are the key to a long lasting finish.

With all our exteriors we clear, clean and wipe down the gutters. However with scaffolding you have an opportunity to renew old guttering – it is not that costly and makes extra use of your scaffolding costs.


In addition to painting the facade of your building, we can help with colour and design, protection and maintenance, as well as further individual services.

In my opinion exterior painting can often be the most important home maintenance project that can be done, especially when it comes to exterior render as this needs to be kept in good condition to protect your home from all that Mother Nature can throw at it. Carrying out the correct preparation work, along with using the best quality materials, my knowledge and experience in the approach needed for different exteriors can add years to the life of the paintwork on your house before the need to repaint. In future years this will result in lower maintenance and repairs to your paint work.

I can provide pressure washing services before painting large surface areas such as render and pebbledash. This removes dirt, moss, algae, and other detritus from the surfaces leaving a clean sound surface to paint over. This gives a better finish on the paint work in the end, looking brighter and will last longer.

Pressure washing the exterior of houses that have a lot of moss on the surface is highly recommended as it removes the moss so it doesn’t get painted over, therefore reducing the chance of it coming back quickly and ensuring the paint work will last for years to come.

Also if there is loose flaking paint pressure washing will remove this and along with the correct preparation it should prevent flaking in the future.

Good upkeep of wooden areas such as fascia boards, doors and windows is also very important save rot occurring and is cost effective in the long run, as it can be costly to replace them.  We use only the best products to ensure the woodwork is protected and along with the right preparation it looks great for years!

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