Interior Decorating by Harmony

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Interior Decorating by Harmony

Interior Decorating is more than just rolling up your sleeves and getting out the paint and some paintbrushes. At Harmony Decorating we understand the difference between a paint job and polished finish that oozes elegance, and that understanding translates in our work.

We have extensive skill and experience over 15 years working with homeowners and business in the North West, helping them with all their internal decorating needs. We also use top quality interior house paint for all our interior house painting and whether you are looking for indoor painters or need wallpaper hanging or even surfaces preparing… whatever you need, we can help.

Our indoor decorating services and interior house painting service includes:
Stripping Wallpaper

This presents a huge problem for most people, and we’ve seen some nightmare scenarios.

Layers of wallpaper where previous owners didn’t bother to strip wallpaper already on the walls, but just hung the new wallpaper on top of the old… through to gloss painted over wallpaper. And worse of all, is when you get to the glue removal, particularly on plasterboard walls, where you can easily end up taking chunks out of the plasterboard.

That’s where our expertise comes in, and we strip wallpaper and prepare walls for the new paper to hang with ease.


Prepartion is key to any decorating job. Whether it’s filling ceilings, walls, sanding ceilings and walls, replastering or sealing water damage, we will undertake all the jobs that people hate, to give you the kind of elegant look and finish to your decorating that most people yearn for.

We do undertand why people skip the prepartion work. For anyone who’s ever tried to do it, you will know it’s not a walk in the park. Particularly when it comes to ceilings.

For us, it’s all part of our normal service, and as interior decorating professionals, it’s where we know the magic really happens to give the results our customers want.

Interior Painting

Painting indoors to get the perfect finish, is not the walk in the park most people expect. Particularly when it comes to prepartion of surfaces as we mentioned above.

However even with good preparation, without knowing which paints to use on which surface, or choosing the wrong products, can make the difference between having the perfect finish after the second coat, or having a wall still looking like it needs another two coats of paint on top of the six you’ve already applied! 

That’s why getting it right the first time is VITAL. And that’s just the walls! With us working for you, you can relax whien it comes to these kinds of issues because…

We are experts in all areas of paintwork, and can paint walls, ceilings (which we always suggest you use a professional decorator to do), woodwork, metalwork, and even kitchen units.

Woodwork which is properly prepared and stained adds a touch of class and character to any home.

Wrongly done, and it can look an eyesore, as a constant reminder of job badly done.

As professional home decorators, we are experts in staining and varnishing all types of woodwork, including doors.
Wallpaper Hanging

Wallpaper hanging is always best left to professionals if you want it done right and looking as seamless as it should.

The alternative is a costly exercise… in fact extremely costly if done wrong, both in time and money, depending on the cost per roll.

We are experts in hanging all types of wallpaper, ranging anywhere from £1 a roll to £1000 per roll. Whatever your wallpapering needs, we’ve got you covered.
Experience And Expertise That Saves Money And Adds Real Value

Using our interior decorating service gives you the benefit of all of our experience, buying power, and industry knowledge and that translates to real pounds saved in terms of cost when it comes to purchasing products for your home decorating needs.

Not only that, but the benefit of using a professional indoor decorating service like ours will add real value to the property price of your home. Professional painting and decorating is a very well known factor that adds far more value to a home than it costs to have a professional do that work for you. A badly decorated home on the other hand, just as readily loses value, and that’s why our customers who understand that, have no hesitation in giving us a call.

Why not find out how we can help you today even if you’re just looking for an interior decorating quote? We’d love to speak to you, and we’re just a phone call away. Go ahead, dial us now, and let’s talk!

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