Why hire a professional painter and decorator?

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Why hire a professional painter and decorator?

Why hire a professional painter and decorator when you can DIY? Well, quite simply, whilst everyone loves a great end result, getting there for most people is anything but a walk in the park.

Painting and decorating might not look hard, and you may be forgiven for thinking it’s just about applying some tape, wearing some old rags, and then getting out the paint, brushes and rollers with “The Eye Of The Tiger” blaring away on your ghetto blaster.

Knowledge, experience, skill and technique count. If we could tell the countless stories of people telling us they’ve applied several coats of paint, and that their walls still look like they need two more… and no doubt you’ve probably heard that yourself, or even been in that situation in the past… then you’ll know how fast that “good idea” of DIY becomes a stressful nightmare.

Here’s the top reasons why you should hire a professional painter and decorator before finding yourself in DIY doom and gloom.

1) It’s All About The Preparation

Before any paint is applied to any interior or exterior surface, the preparation work is key, and often the most overlooked by people, because it involves a lot of work, and it’s boring, tedious and painstakingly slow without the right tools.

It can involve stripping, cleaning, water sealing, patching, application of the correct primers and cleaners, sanding, or applying the right treatment based on the type of surface.

A professional painter and decorator makes sure that every surface is properly prepared before applying a single drop of paint. The difference in the results can be the difference between having a paint job from hell, that looks so bad that you wish you’d never bothered, to having a stunningly elegant finish that you and everyone who sees your home will love.

For truly professional results, you need the experience of professional decorators to give you that glamorous finish your home truly deserves.

2) Save Days or Even Weeks Of Time.

What might take you days or weeks to complete, may take a professional painter and decorator a couple of hours or a few days to complete depending on the size of the job. If you don’t want to be dodging paint cans, ladders, and other hazards for days, then hiring professionals to get the job done and dusted is the way to go.

When it comes to tasks like plastering, painting ceilings, adding cornicing, tiling, or other jobs such jobs, it goes without saying that these demand a lot of skill and expertise. Unless you possess those skills, and to a high degree of proficiency, it can literally be a case of “don’t try this at home folks” unless you’re prepared to learn how to do them. IF you want a professional finish without the heartache of wasted effort and a job gone wrong or made worse, It’s better to leave that to a professional decorator.

3) Save Money – Don’t Waste it!

Most people waste a lot of money by either buying the wrong materials for a job, and only find out once it’s too late and then realise they have to start over, or they waste unnecessary money on more expensive paints that they just don’t need.

Professional painters and decorators not only know how to source the best materials at the lowest price, but also know how much material is required to cost a job properly. Additionally, it’s not just the paints or paper you will need to purchase in the DIY route, but a lot of other tools, which a professional painter and decorator will already possess.

Additionally, because professional decorators buy and purchase top quality products in bulk, you will get much better savings on the very same products if you were buying them at your local DIY store, and those savings can then be passed on to you. Just the money you save on buying materials and tools alone could equal the labour costs you pay to a professional decorator. That’s a huge thing to consider especially as your reward at the end of it is a perfect finish that you know you can be proud of.

4) Choosing The Right Primers And Paints

With so many manufacturers, creating paints and primers for all kinds of applications, a day can be wasted just trying to decide what products and from which manufacturers will be best suited for your job.

Professional painters and decorators not only have an extensive amount of knowledge and experience of paint products, but know how and what works in real life situations, and not how it’s “supposed to look” in some glossy marketing material by the manufacturer.

There’s a good chance that any product you’ve heard of, has already been used by a professional decorator, who knows the good and bad points of it.

Making the right choice in getting the right products for the job and surface type, often makes the difference between 2 coats of paint and several coats of paint to get the result you require. It also makes a difference between whether that result lasts 1 year or 10 years or more.

A professional painter and decorator brings more than just tools to the table. You get the vast amount of knowledge and expertise that only comes with vast experience in real life scenarios, and an understanding of what is required for different types of surfaces.

5) Dangers Of Painting

Most people don’t consider and often don’t know the many dangers associated with painting. Of course there’s the ladders that decorators use to get to those high up places, but in addition to that there are a lot of other things to consider. Some paints are made of chemicals that are not only highly toxic, but also highly explosive. The biggest danger here of course is not knowing the danger at all, or being oblivious to it or not knowing what care or precautions to take. Dated properties can have paint containing lead in it, and this again would require specialised removal. To be certain of a safe and expertly completed job, these are all reasons again to hire a professional painter and decorator.

6) Cleaning Up After A Paint Job

Certain laws and rules need to be followed for environmental protection when it comes to paint disposal. Professional Painters will understand and be aware of these laws. After any paint job, there’s usually a lot of cleaning up and tidying to do, with paint filled brushes, paint trays, rollers, painters tape, and so on.

Painters typically, re-use 80% of their equipment, meaning they know and understand the importance of a good clean up process and procedures. That way you can be certain that not only will any left over paint be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, but also that your place will be left spotless and clean after the paint work is completed.

7) Add Value To Your Property

A professional painter and decorator can add a tremendous amount of value to your property, whereas a poor painting and decorating job, can actually lower the value of your property and make it difficult to get the price you want. That value is often worth many times more than the cost of hiring a professional painter and decorator, not to mention how much more elegant the look and feel of your house will be, with a professional finish to your interior or exterior paint work.

8) No Substitute for Experience

Would you go to a doctor if you are ill, or try and self diagnose? Would you go to jeweller to evaluate the cost of a diamond ring or try and get the value from reading a book or a few online pictures? There’s a reason for your answer to those questions being “YES!” to the former and “No!” to the latter.  That’s because, purely and simply, they are professionals at what they do, that’s their job, and they know it inside out, so that you don’t need to. That’s precisely the case when it comes to painting and decorating. Yes, many people try and do a DIY job, and the results often reflect that, and the mistakes often reflect that even more. To get the quality “makeover” to your home or property, like you see in the TV programs, doesn’t happen by chance. And when it comes to painting and decorating, nothing can replace the experience of a professional painter and decorator.

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