Paint types

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Paint types

Thesedays there are many paint types  this post will help you differente between the well known ones

Harmony Decorating are experts in the application of all types of paints.
We are often asked what the main differences are between the commonly known paint types so we decided to write this blog post as a simple guide to the main paint types.

Paint types :

Here is a selection of the types of finishes and products available in a wide range of the major manufacturers colours.

Vinyl Matt
Vinyl Matt paint is non-reflective, so it conceals surface imperfections better than paints with higher sheen levels. It gives a warm, elegant feel to the room. Well suited to living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

Vinyl Soft sheen / Mid Sheen
A mid-sheen finish between matt and silk.

Vinyl Silk
A finish which gives a delicate shine to interior walls. Vinyl Silk Emulsion is a tough flexible product which dries to an attractive silk lustre. The product is based on Vinyl copolymer emulsions, which confers very good durability and wash resistance properties. Vinyl Silk Emulsion is intended for interior use only. It is water based, easy to apply, quick

drying and has low odour in use so large areas can be redecorated with minimal disturbance.

Compared with flat wall paints, these paints have a slightly more lustrous appearance. Eggshell is a good choice for rooms where some lustre is desired and good cleaning properties are necessary.

This is the most highly reflective paint and also the toughest, most durable and stain-resistant. Often used on kitchen and bathroom walls, cabinets and trim.

Satin / Semi-Gloss
Semi-gloss paints provide a durable finish with a slightly glossy, medium-lustre appearance. Excellent for kitchens, bedrooms, children rooms and trim.

Gives a modern metallic look, ideal for trim and accessories.

Wood Stain
A subtle translucent finish that colours and enhances the beauty of wood.

Wood Varnish
A transparent hard wearing finish, coloured or colourless, which gives a glossy finish to wood.

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