Harmony Decorating in Ormskirk don’t always say yes…

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Harmony Decorating in Ormskirk don’t always say yes…

Harmony Decorating in Ormskirk strive to provide the very best for our customers, sometimes that means saying no to clients demands, but with good reason as it is for their own benefit, due to the fact we want the very best finish that we can achieve , and that occasionally means saying no to using cheaper brands, or paint / wallpaper that we feel will not last as long as you and we would like.

We know some people will use anything they can get their hands on,  to use a cheaper alternative to save a few pennies, we would rather say ‘NO’ and tell you why we are not wiling to use a specific brand / product, afterall we are the experts who keep abreast of what is good and what is not within our industry- not every person and company offering decorating in Ormskirk is like this…

You know the type – those that say yes to every demand, or those the feel they can paint, those who are untrained  and set themselves up as decorators, those who are working on the side – these are not Decorators in the true sense of the word. Afterall as we point out often to clients comparing prices basically anyone can paint… (to a degree at least) … give a child a paintbrush and he / she will paint all day long, but you wouldn’t want him / her painting your hall, landing and stairs as they are untrained, don’t know the best application methods, nor the best products to use on specific areas, this is where harmony Decorating in Ormskirk can help – we are fully trained and regularly attend courses laid on by industry experts and brands to help us achieve the best finish possible using new techniques and products if they are shown to be better.

It’s good to keep your customers happy, but that doesn’t mean agreeing to everything they ask for. The famous phrase ‘the customer is always right’ isn’t always the case when it comes to painting and decorating and Harmony decorating in Ormskirk know this as sadly we are all too often called out to remedy others work, more often than not done by people we know are not trained Decorators whom used inferior products while decorating in Ormskirk

Our attitude is ‘We are the professionals and we know best’. Customers will usually welcome our expert opinion and it only reflects badly on us if you give in and the finish ends up looking terrible – this is something we will never do, at the end of the day we want our clients to be happy with the work we provide, and given over 80% of our work is via repeat business or referral we know we are correct in taking this approach.

So for all your decorating in Ormskirk and surrounding areas give us a call on 01695 576867 TODAY and let us guide you with our vast expertise to achieve a long lasting finish that you (and we) can be proud of!